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REHAU ARTEVO: our new sustainable window, with excellent thermo-acoustic properties, that’s unbeatable in terms of safety and design.

Generous and individually designed window surfaces have never been in such demand as they are today. As a large-scale design element, they enhance the living space in a modern way and maximise natural light.

REHAU ARTEVO redefines the limits of what is possible in terms of size, production efficiency, sustainability, originality and design, thus enabling a completely new living experience. This creates architectural freedom and ensures contemporary results.

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Floor-to-ceiling windows with heights of up to 2.6m

Up to 40% lighter than comparative systems

Reduced transport and installation costs

Achieves Passivhaus standards with top performance ratings for thermal and sound insulation and security

Low maintenance, with the easy-clean, inward opening, tilt and turn function

Can be fitted with REHAU’s window RFID tagging system

Engineering progress

Enhancing lives

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