Sustainability at REHAU

97,000 tonnes of CO2 saved 
per year


As a manufacturer, REHAU is conscious of the impact of their actions have on people and the environment. The use of recycled materials is one of REHAU’s strategic objectives and we are committed in supporting that objective by leading change in attitudes and accessibility of recycling.

By making our own processes more efficient and creating new opportunities for recycling, our aim is to make it as easy as possible for everyone to make the choice of recycled products.

In 2014, PVCR was welcomed into the REHAU group and has since benefited from significant investment in its recycling equipment. This has enabled the processing of over 13,000 tonnes of postconsumer windows and doors per year.

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Download 2021 Fact Report

REHAU is publishing its fourth sustainability report for 2021 based on Global Reporting Initiative guidelines. 

Download 2021 Fact Report

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What we’re doing

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29 %

of CO2 saved (in 2018 in comparison to 2009)

Icon_Recycling_Quote_White - 100669

11 %

recycling rate in total tonnage (2018)

Icon_Recycling_Fensterprofil_White - 100666

97 tCO2

saved by recycling old windows in window production (2018)    

Icon_Recycling_Produktion_White - 100668

90 %

recycling rate for return materials in production (2018)

Icon_Recycling_Verpackung_White - 100672

65 %

of packaging made from sustainable materials (2018)

Icon_Stromsparen_White - 100673

17 %

of electricity saved (kWh/kg) (in 2018 in comparison to 2009)

Icon_Strom_erneuerbar_White - 100677

20 %

of our plants supplied with electricity from renewables (2018)

Icon_Wassersparen_White - 100679

31 %

of water saved (in 2018 in comparison to 2009)


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