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AGILA multi-fold doors

As a popular alternative to traditional PVCu french doors and PVCu sliding doors, multi-fold doors can create an open plan feel for any type of building. The multi-facet panes of the REHAU multi-fold door fold back to allow a wide opening offering unrestricted access and bringing the outside in.  

The durable REHAU multi-fold doors have an integrated track that sits directly to the brickwork, this reduces the movement in the roller mechanism which means less chance of any roller adjustments over time.

A new coarse brush pile has been designed especially to minimise dirt ingress allowing smoother roller action.

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The REHAU multi-door offers slim sightlines allowing more light inside and an enhanced view. Over 20 difference colour options to offer your customer and a colour-matched frame rebate filler is available is required. 


Fully compatible with our TOTAL70 ancillaries as well as fully integrated gasket options. Our multi-fold door can have up to seven opening sashes.

Thermal efficiency

A full range of glazing options are available up to 44mm triple glazed. The thermally broken threshold reduces heat loss and lessens the chance of condensation gathering on the inside.

Weather performance

Doubled rebated seals offer improved weather performance


A dedicated low threshold running track with clip on sill reduces the step outside, and the new reversible track detail allows the customer the choice of opening inwards or outwards.


Profile depth70 mm
Maximum size

2300 x 4000 mm (white)

2200 x 3000 mm (coloured/foiled)

Thermal performance1.4 W/m2K
Max. sash weight80 kg
Glass width4 - 44 mm
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Door - Multi Fold (Metallic Grey) - 111795

REHAUEverite24June10 53 - 111810
REHAU Portraits, AGILA, Hereford 12July16 183 - 109185
Multi Fold Outside In GRM UK - 79936491
Multi Fold out to in GRM UK - 79930585
New_MFD_REHAU Portraits, AGILA, Hereford 12July16 187 - 111806


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