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SLINOVA - The slimline sliding door

Outstanding performance and design for modern, energy-efficient homes.

SLINOVA creates harmony between interior and exterior with its slim design and extensive glass surface. 

Opening in one smooth movement, enter a world where performance and design are one and the same, offering you more light and comfort. SLINOVA blends into your living space, letting more of the outside in.

SLINOVA: The bright choice

Maximise natural light with SLINOVA's large glazing area. The discreet sliding door has outstanding stability and strength.

- Discreet 80mm frame depth

- Increased airflow and circulation due to larger sliding element and glass surfaces

- Easy to operate, durable, low maintenance and easy to clean

- Makes a room feel more spacious

- Allows nature and the outside environment to become part of your home

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A colour for all. Your style down to the last details.

Colour selection - 1118703

The SLINOVA sliding door can be customised to your specifications. In addition to providing you with day-to-day comfort, it enhances architecture of your home. Choose the colour and design that best suits you from the REHAU colour range.

You can vary the styles with different colours and finishes inside and outside the sliding door.

*Grained on both sides, available on Grey Base Profile.

Security guaranteed.

REHAU SLINOVA doors are tested to the highest security standard giving an added level of security to your home and family.

Specially-designed, discreet hardware makes the locks completely invisible within the sash.

Standard 6-point locking mechanism.

Easy and convenient opening.

Multi-point locking system with aluminium anodized keep for better aesthetics.

3-star lock cylinder.

Stainless steel hooks for extra security.

Technical Information

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Frame depth

Double frame 80mm, Triple frame 146mm

Sash depth



Welded sash, welded frame or mechanical joint frame only


REHAU EcoPuls PVC profile, with steel reinforcement according to the system manufacturer's specifications

Sash and frame with a minimum of 40% to 75% recycled PVC, Vinyl Plus certification


The seal between the door frame and the sash is ensured by two circumferential brush seals

The glazing seal in the sash is welded in the corner area

Maximum glass thickness


Maximum sash weight

Up to 150kg

Maximum dimensions (W/H)

4 m x 2.4m

Wind load resistance

Up to class B2/C1 according to DIN EN 12210

Rain permeability

Up to class 7A according to DIN EN 12208

Air permeability

Up to class 4 according to DIN EN 12207

Sound reduction

Up to Rw,P - 33dB

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