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EcoPuls: Sustainable success. For generations to come.

Windows. Reinvented for modern life. And for a successful future. REHAU Window Solutions.

Successful companies take responsibility. For the environment. For fellow human beings. For future generations.

Raw materials and natural resources are becoming ever more scarce. In contrast, the need to think and act sustainably continues to increase. People are sensing this all around the world. Needs are changing as a result, and with them the demands on the entire window industry.

Having a consistent circular economy is a simple and effective answer to this. Window solutions that use an ever increasing proportion of recycled polymers play a key role.

Window systems by REHAU have been setting the standards for over 30 years in terms of service life, energy efficiency and responsible use of resources. This premium quality helps windows make an important contribution to the protection of the planet and the economy. The result is success for generations to come that will ensure added value and sales.

Windows. Reinvented for success. Now and in the future.

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Our sign of sustainability in practice

EcoPuls is a mindset and a commitment. To sustainability. To responsibility. To consistency.

The EcoPuls label is proof of the use of a pioneering circular economy, in which recycled materials, known as recyclates, ensure the maximum possible sustainability. Everything from a single source and in all REHAU systems. GENEO RAU-FIPRO X, GENEO INOVENT, SYNEGO, Slinova, TOTAL 70.

EcoPuls. Sustainable success. For generations to come.

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The promise for future generations – facts provide certainty

Only actions can turn promises into reality. The commitment to sustainability and the resulting circular economy are part of REHAU’s DNA. The following numbers are proof of our consistent actions:

60 %

of our profiles are already being manufactured using recycled material. The proportion of recyclates used varies between 40% and 75% and the aim is for it to keep increasing.

97.000 t

of carbon emissions saved annually through the use of recyclates. This is equivalent to the absorption power of 7.8 million trees, a forest the size of Berlin.

70.000 t

of waste material is processed by REHAU per year. That is equivalent to seven times the weight of the Eiffel Tower.

7 x

is the number of times PVC can be reused. This means that our sustainable EcoPuls windows will also be the source of raw materials for the windows of the future – without compromising on quality.

88 %

less CO2 is created during the production of recycled polymer compared to the production of new material.

100 %

of our demand for recycled material is covered by our own production. This means that we can always guarantee perfect quality.


A circular economy. For sustainable success.

The commitment to and consistent implementation of a circular economy is the guiding principle behind all responsibly produced window solutions that enjoy sustainable success. The continuous optimisation and development of the cycle is both an obligation and a motivation. It ensures the superiority of REHAU’s systems and therefore also guarantees profit and sales at every point along the value chain.

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REHAU EcoPuls window profile systems are unique in the window industry in terms of closed loop recycling. The result is a saving of up to 97,000 t of CO₂ every year. EcoPuls windows also offer impressive sustainability during their service life. Exemplary Uw values ensure high thermal insulation and an energy saving of up to 76%*.

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All of REHAU’s European window manufacturing plants have been certified by the independent VinylPlus product label. This means that they meet all of the sustainability criteria set for the PVC industry: starting with raw material sourcing and material cycles, right through to recycling. We are one of the few system manufacturers able to demonstrate this standard throughout Europe.

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Millions of old PVC windows are a valuable resource for making new windows. In order to ensure effective recovery of used material, a pan-European network of around 2,000 partners has been established for collecting it. It includes the Srem plant in Poland which has a state-of-the-art recycling system, as well as the subsidiaries PVCR in England and DEKURA in Germany.

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The unique REHAU extrusion process enables windows to be produced that are made of recycled material on the inside. The proportion of recyclates ranges from 40% to 75% in more than 40% of REHAU profiles.

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Complete old windows are separated into different materials and then recycled, e.g. glass and metal. The most crucial for us are the PVC parts which come primarily from the old window profiles. These are processed into high-quality recycling granules. This saves up to 88% of carbon emissions compared to the production of new PVC.

*Reduction in energy loss achieved by replacing old wooden/PVCu windows built in the 1980s (Uf = 1.9; Ug = 3.0) with windows with GENEO RAU-FIPRO X profiles (Uf = 0.86; Ug = 0.5), window size 123 x 148 cm

Confident, dynamic, visionary: REHAU is a driving force in the industry.

Sustainability is a conviction, an all-encompassing principle that guides your thoughts and actions. Only companies that have fully internalised it will be able to offer viable and successful long-term solutions. It impresses. It motivates. It inspires. It also drives development within the industry as a whole.

For example, the implementation of VinylPlus, the EU-wide voluntary commitment within the PVC industry. Its target is for a total of 900,000 t of PVC to be recycled per year by 2025. REHAU not only acts as a driving force behind the initiative, it also already makes a significant contribution of around 70,000 t per year.

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REHAU takes responsibility – including for its partners

Self-confidence and creative drive are part of REHAU’s identity. The company’s position has always been clear and unambiguous regarding the need to use raw materials sparingly and efficiently. This will ensure economic efficiency and profitability for generations to come.

As a member of the UN Global Compact, the initiative behind the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, REHAU is playing a key role in making these goals become a reality. Several international awards are proof of this extraordinary commitment. Since 2020, REHAU has been involved as one of ‘50 Sustainability & Climate Leaders’, an initiative that is aligned with the UN’s sustainable development goals. This is an honour and a motivation. REHAU – a strong and reliable partner for long-term mutual success.

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50 Sustainability & Climate Leaders

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