TS008 chrome letterplate with chrome handle - 1104593

TOTAL70 Yale Door Hardware & Furniture

Door Locks and Keeps

REHAU Unique Lockmaster 21

The lock you know and trust, but even better with unique REHAU hook positions allowing you to fabricate a wide range of doors from one multipoint locking system, exclusive to REHAU.

Lockmaster 21 - Roller - 1104592

  • PAS 24 Security tested with REHAU TOTAL70 Profiles
  • Unique Lockmaster 21 dual-branded with the REHAU and Yale logo
  • Lockmaster's signature hook and pin unit has been carefully positioned within 100mm of the pre-compression rollers
  • Strengthened centre case offering enhanced security for added peace of mind
  • Sprung and unsprung centre cases to suit front and back door applications, now with centre anti-separation hook as standard
  • Easy to use push-in latch 'snib' feature to prevent accidental lock-outs
  • Faceplate manufactured from 430 stainless steel
  • 16mm faceplate
  • 10 year Mechanical Guarantee
  • BS EN 1670:2007 Grade 4 (240 hr.s NSST). Tested to a minimum of 100,000 cycles
  • Passive Lock available for French doors
  • Made in Britain

One Piece Keep

In line with improvements made to the Lockmaster 21 gearbox, the 13mm Axis Keep offers maximum security, pleasing aesthetics and enhanced longevity.

  • 13mm axis One Piece Keep enabling it to pass the load test for PAS 24:2016 when incorporated as part of a doorset
  • Each keep comes with REHAU unique preassembled packers
  • Manufactured from plated mild steel
13mm Axis Keep - Tidy Box (5) - 1104600

REHAU-YALE-08 - 1104667
REHAU-RUNCORN-02 - 1104669
REHAU-YALE-07 - 1104660

Door Cylinders

Platinum 3 Star Cylinder

Strong, versatile and secure. This cylinder offers the ultimate home protection.

Yale Platinum 3 Star Cylinder - Cut-Away - Nickel - 1104604

  • TS007:2014 3 star accredited
  • Anti-snap, anti-pick, anti-bump, anti-drill and anti-screw
  • Sacrificial external side to defend against snap attacks
  • Secured by Design Approved. PAS 24 Tested
  • 10 Year Mechanical Guarantee, Lifetime Security Guarantee when used in conjunction with other REHAU / Yale hardware
  • Available in brass and nickel
  • Key inside/outside or Thumbturn option

Yale Platinum 3 Star Cylinder - Face - Nickel - 1104610

Yale Platinum 3 Star Cylinder with Keys - Nickel - 1104609

  • Anti-Snap: A small section of the cylinder is sacrificed under attack, leaving the remainder of the cylinder intact and your door safely locked.
  • Anti-Bump: Specialised side pinks provide bump resistance.
  • Anti-Pick: Unique multi shear-line technology designed to resist lock picking and bumping.
  • Anti-Drill: Hardened steel protection incorporated within the cylinder provides undeniable resistance against drill attack.
  • Inner Strength: The dedicated central bridge delivers unparalleled inner strength to the cylinder providing protection even if the cylinder is attacked from the outside.
  • Horizontal Keyway: With reversible flat key for easy key entry.
  • Certified: Approved to TS007:2014 3 star - the highest current certified level. BSI accredited to KM559658. Tested to BS EN 1303:2015.

6 Pin Euro Profile Cylinder


The cylinder is suitable as a new or replacement product on PVCu and composite doors that require a standard level of security.

brass and nickel thumbturn - 1104605

  • 6 pin Euro Profile Cylinder
  • Yale branded
  • Supplied with three Yale branded keys as standard
  • Available in single, double and thumb-turn variants
  • Available in brass and nickel finishes

Door Hinges

Athena Door Hinge

Combining a mechanical strength and an aesthetically-pleasing design with an unobtrusive appearance.

The unique patented design offers easy, accurate and independent 3D adjustment with the door in the closed position.

  • 3D adjustment - compression, height & lateral adjustment
  • Compatible with all standard euro-groove systems
  • Security hook PAS 24 option
  • PAS24:2016 security tested
  • 10 year mechanical guarantee
  • Available in Satin Black, Chrome, Champagne Gold, Silver or White
Athena Hinge - PVCu - White End Caps (5) - 1104625

REHAU-YALE-06 - 1104668
REHAU-RUNCORN-12 - 1104661
REHAU-YALE-09 - 1104666

Door Handles

Combi Sparta Door Handle Range

The high end Sparta Stainless Steel Door Handle is finished in 304 Stainless Steel, giving ultimate corrosion resistance with an impressive 25 year anti-corrosion guarantee.

Sparta Stainless Steel Door Handle - Brushed Stainless - 1104632

  • Stainless Steel Finish for ultimate aesthetics and corrosion resistance
  • Superior quality and design for product longevity
  • Patented spring cassette eliminates 'dropping handle' effect
  • Suits all locks and is available as a lever/lever
  • Available in wide range of finishes including new Champagne Gold
  • 25 year anti-corrosion guarantee on all finishes and 10 year mechanical guarantee
  • Cycle tested to 50,000 cycles ​​​
  • Corrosion tested in excess of 1000 hours based on BS EN 1670

​​​​​​​ Sparta Stainless Steel Door Handle - Brushed Stainless - In Situ (3) - 1104631

Standard Sparta Door Handle Range

The stylish Sparta Door Handle offers an attractive ergonomic design with no compromise on grip length and has been manufactured to an extremely high standard giving outstanding product performance.

Sparta Stainless Steel Door Handle - Black (14) - 1104633

  • Zinc/aluminium die-cast components
  • Patented spring cassette eliminate 'drooping handle' effect
  • Supplied with spring cassette, fixing screws and spindles
  • Corrosion tested to BS EN 1670. Abusive load tests to BS 6462
  • Endurance tested to 50000 cycles. Conforms to BS 1906
  • 10 Year Mechanical Guarantee, 12 month surface finish guarantee
  • Available inline or offset with lever pad

Door Letterplates

Postmaster Professional TS008 Letterplate

Helping you stay compliant.

Your key to PAS 24:2016 compliance

All new Secured by Design applications require door sets that are fully certified to PAS 24:2016 (Enhanced security performance requirements for door sets and windows in the UK). The PAS 24:2016 standard references the Door and Hardware Federation (DHF) TS008:2015 security standard. This means that to meet the latest requirement the door will require a TS008 accredited letterplate to comply.

Insert content here...TS008 letterplates are referenced within the Building Regulations Approved Document Q as being shown to protect against various attack methods, including letterplate 'fishing'.

TS008 chrome letterplate with chrome handle - 1104593

Technical Specifications:

  • Outer corrosion tested in excess of 1000 hours based on BS EN 1670 classification
  • Opening and closing action tested to 20000 cycles
Postmaster Professional TS008 Letterplate - Standard - White - External - 1104658

  • A unique patented design and TS008 accredited
  • Capable of meeting the latest requirements of PAS24:2016 and Approved Document Q
  • Suitable for both PVCu and composite doors (from 40mm to 75mm thickness)
  • External flap is made of 304 Stainless Steel with 25 year anti-corrosion guarantee
  • Inner protective housing has unique concealed hinge mechanism to prevent attack
  • Inner flap has a positive stop feature to guard against fishing
  • 10 year mechanical guarantee

YALE Standard Letterplates

10 inch and 12 inch (with black surrounds)


  • Most comprehensive range in Europe
  • Covers most applications
  • Various flap finishes
  • External weather seal and Internal draft seal
  • ABS plastic surround and aluminium flap
  • Takes full A4 size mail
  • Panel and mid-rail fitting variants

WELseal - Gold - Sleeve Image - 1104673


  • Endurance tested to 20000 cycles
  • Corrosion tested to (96 hrs. NSST) WELseal - Polished Silver (2) - 1104674

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