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Smart ventilation

GENEO Inovent system plus

GENEO inovent ensures a feel-good climate with clean air, more peace and safety, with smart components the system automatically self-regulates. The completely integrated ventilation system now operates automatically even without a smart home control centre.
Directly coupled with humidity and CO2 sensors, GENEO Inovent Plus provides fresh air and high sound insulation 24 hours a day, automatically.

How it works?

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Used air is extracted from the room, the air passes through the heat exchanger and the fresh warm air is returned to the room. The system has an integrated pollen filter and there is a control unit on the window.


  • Up to 71% heat recovery
  • U-value up to 0.91 W/m2K
  • Noise protection up to sound insulation class 3
  • Up to 80% less pollen*

*Medium separation efficiency. Only applies to particles with a
diameter > 10 μm

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