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Smart Guard - Smart security for your home

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Smart security for your home

REHAU Smart Guard: protects windows, doors and your home. The innovative system works preventively. It is easy to operate - even via the app. Safe, simple, effective.

Prevention is better than cure

There are many burglar alarm systems on the market which tell you when your property is being broken into. The difference with REHAU's SMART GUARD is that it tells you before someone breaks in and is a preventative burglar alarm system.

With SMART GUARD, your feeling of security is not lost and you don’t have the costly and time consuming expense of repairing your windows and doors damaged by someone trying to break in.

SMART GUARD has an intelligent detection sensor which can be fitted to Roseview’s high end Vertical Sliding windows which offers a range of intruder deterrents from a visual pre-warning via a flashing red light to a range of acoustic deterrents and a full alarm system.

REHAU and Roseview have joined forces to develop a Vertical Slider Header Vent which as well as helping meet the latest building regulations for ventilation also houses SMART GUARD, giving a superb timber aesthetics appearance.


INTELLIGENT SENSORS recognise movement in an area up to 20cm in front of the window and only reacts when it matters.

VISUAL PRE-WARNING - a flashing red LED light signals to the intruder that they have been detected.

ACOUSTIC DETERRENT, a secondary alarm will then sound if the intruder is not deterred.

VIBRATION SENSOR detects any force on the window. In addition, the integrated window contact provides additional security, as it reacts immediately when the window is opened.

REHAU INTUITIVE APP tells you if each of your windows and doors is securely closed, by letting you know via your SMART device, such as an iPhone, that your alarm has been triggered.

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REHAU SmartGuard App

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Security system for windows and doors

With Smart Guard, REHAU supplies a security system for windows that warns house and apartment residents in the event of break-ins and effectively scares off burglars.
With the intuitive app, you control your Smart Guard system and always have windows and doors in view at any time and any place.

In addition to activating / deactivating the smart guards or the alarm system, you can quickly and easily see all the important information on the start screen. Push notifications inform you about all important events at lightning speed.

The most important features of the Smart Guard app in a nutshell:

  • Plug & Play: Easy installation and commissioning
  • Activation & deactivation of the Smart Guard system
  • Dashboard and room view provide an overview and structure
  • Status display of all windows
  • Event list
  • Notification function

If necessary, the following components can be taught in via the REHAU Re.Hub gateway:

  • Indoor siren
  • Switch & hand transmitter
  • Door / window contact
  • Repeater


Full integration (small blend)

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Partial integration (large blend)

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Surface Mounted

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