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Inspire design with colour

It's all about colour

Creating the perfect colour scheme for your home doesn’t have to stop with the interior – now you can choose a colour scheme for the PVCu windows and doors in your property, creating a different aesthetic affect with a wide range of colours and finishes.

Our woodgrain laminate foils are durable, scratch-resistant, and can be easily cleaned, offering high performance and longevity in all types of weather conditions. Popular options of Rosewood, Mahogany and Golden Oak are joined by strong contemporary and traditional colours such as Chartwell Green, Pearl Grey and Ruby Red, as well as our newly launched Turner Oak, a true alternative to timber.

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Our colour options

The Contemporary Collection

1 Elephant Grey CONTEMPORARY WS UK - 19337339

Elephant Grey (Grained)

2 Basalt Grey II Smooth CONTEMPORARY WS UK - 19337523

Basalt Grey II (Smooth)

3 Slate Grey Grained CONTEMPORARY WS UK - 19337704

Slate Grey (Grained)

4 Slate Grey Smooth CONTEMPORARY WS UK - 19337885

Slate Grey (Smooth)

5 Anthracite Grey Grained CONTEMPORARY WS UK - 19338121

Anthracite Grey (Grained)

6 Anthracite Grey Smooth CONTEMPORARY WS UK - 19338302

Anthracite Grey (Smooth)

7 Black Brown CONTEMPORARY WS UK - 19338478

Black Brown (Grained)

1980L_midnight_black_matt - 6706010

Midnight Black (Matt)

The Timeless Collection

1 Simply White TIMELESS WS UK - 19340941

Simply White (Grained)

2 Clotted Cream TIMELESS WS UK - 19341184

Clotted Cream (Grained)

3 Chartwell Green TIMELESS WS UK - 19341361

Chartwell Green (Grained)

4 Pearl Grey TIMELESS WS UK - 19341541

Pearl Grey (Grained)

The Traditional Collection

Turner oak (grained)

Turner oak (Grained)

1 Irish Oak TRADITIONAL WS UK - 19345863

Irish Oak (Grained)

2 Golden Oak TRADITIONAL WS UK - 19346045

Golden Oak (Grained)

3 Walnut TRADITIONAL WS UK - 19346343

Walnut (Grained)

5 Rosewood TRADITIONAL WS UK - 19346698

Rosewood (Grained)

4 Dark Oak TRADITIONAL WS UK - 19346522

Dark Oak (Grained)

6 Mahogany TRADITIONAL WS UK - 19346882

Mahogany (Grained)

The Statement Collection

1 Ruby Red STATEMENT WS UK - 19347062

Ruby Red (Grained)

3 Racing Green STATEMENT WS UK - 19347481

Racing Green (Grained)

6 Steel Blue STATEMENT WS UK - 19347842

Steel Blue (Grained)

Note: We have made every effort to show the colours as accurately as print processes will allow. However, we cannot guarantee an exact colour match to that of the actual products, and the colours shown here should not be relied on as such. We recommend that you discuss colour samples with your local REHAU installer or request a colour swatch at

Coloured windows gallery

003 REHAU 190619 - 85263
Traditional_kitchen_V6 - 87848
IMG_0940 - 104518
DSC_0158 - 91078
DSC_0166 - 91082

Coloured door gallery

REHAU Ceder Views Woking 27June19 019 - 80378
DAL00049_2015_03_494613_0 - 494613
REHAUEdenvale 3May11 040 - 109137
REHAUEdenvale 3May11 112 - 109139

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