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REHAU Window.ID: the all-round service package for your windows

For now and the future

Window.ID is the digital ID card for your windows and doors. It contains all the important data and enables all relevant information to be accessed quickly and easily at all times.

Service and contact – for the entire lifetime of the windows

With Window.ID, you always have everything under control – and a direct line to your window specialist if required.

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Service perfection

With Window.ID, you and your window specialist can always clearly identify your windows and retrieve all relevant information.

This not only ensures perfect installation, but also gives you the security of knowing that you can add compatible accessories, such as fly screens or sun shades, quite easily at any time.

Ease of replacement is also guaranteed should a window become damaged. Time-consuming inspection or measurement appointments are now a thing of the past.

And if you ever have any questions, you can contact your expert window specialist easily via the app and they will always take care of your request right away.

Everything always at hand

Access all relevant documents, proofs and certificates for your windows easily and at any time via Window.ID. From information about the glazing or the thermal and sound insulation values through to test certificates: everything is stored digitally and is transparent and traceable at a glance.

Durability in view

Window.ID makes a significant contribution to maintaining the long-term quality of your windows. Thanks to the stored care instructions, you always know the best way to look after them. 

Real sustainability

The Window.ID lets you know exactly how much recycled material there is in your windows. It also shows where the raw materials of the future are located. This makes it easier for materials to be returned into the recycling loop at a later date. This provides you the assurance of knowing you are making an important contribution to the protection of our environment.

Sustainable windows

Our promise to future generations – your guarantee of sustainability

We don’t do empty promises. At REHAU, the circular economy and our commitment to sustainability are actively put into practice. We introduced the EcoPuls label to demonstrate quite clearly what a key role the issue of sustainability plays at REHAU. When you see this label, you know immediately that your REHAU windows have been produced in a particularly sustainable way through the use of recyclates.

More about EcoPuls

Sustainable circular economy
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