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Selecting the best windows for your build

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When it comes to the design, construction, and ongoing maintenance of large, commercial projects, a whole host of considerations need to be made.

The guide covers the key factors that need to be considered for those tasked with selecting the best windows for their commercial build project. Download the guide to find out how sound attenuation, premium insulation, occupant safety, desirable aesthetics and that all-important kerb appeal can be achieved through the right choice of windows.

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Did you know?

A PVCu window can be recycled up to 10 times before showing signs of degradation.

PVCR & REHAU - By recycling old PVCu windows and doors, we can manage our waste effectively, as well minimising disposal costs - plus reducing our impact on landfill and feeding recycled material back into the supply chain.

Reducing sound levels

Naturally, the parts of a window all have a part to play in reducing sound levels inside a building. However, various considerations need to be made around each one to ensure the window performs as the effective sound barrier it is. They considerations include:

  • Glass
  • Ventilation
  • Frame material
  • Installation quality

Download the guide today to find out more.

Creating Kerb Appeal

Use colour to minimise sightlines

Architects will often be on the look-out for a window with minimal sightlines so that the break between the external building material and any expanse of glazing is reduced. Darker shades in particular appear much more subtle and will reduce the impact of the window on the building's appearance.

Keep your building safe and sound

One of the most appealing features of a PVCu window is that the material itself has inherent flame retardancy properties. There are other topics that come into play when specifying:

  • Automatic Opening Vents
  • Legislative Guidance
  • Testing

Find out more by downloading the guide today.

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