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Two-part retrofit sill

Two-part retrofit sill benefits

Easy to install
The two-part make-up of the product ensures the nose of the window sill can be added at the closing stage of a project, once all other work is complete.

Keeps water out and brickwork dry
A simple and effective built-in drainage channel ensures any water that does get into the window can drain away easily without risking damage to the property’s brickwork.

Completely secure
Once clipped into place, the window sill is completely secure, which reduces the risk of snapping.

Easy to replace
In the event of damage occurring, the nose of the two-part retrofit sill can be easily replaced without the need to disturb the window itself.  Traditional one-piece sills can be damaged on-site by construction work, our two-part retrofit sill helps avoid any expensive replacement work.

Perfect for offsite construction
For walls built offsite, the prominent window sill nose can be clipped on after delivery and assembly, at the closing stages of a project – ultimately avoiding the risk of any damage in transit.


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